Wearing sunglasses makes you look great, but there are other reasons for wearing them. If you are getting prescription sunglasses, many choices go into picking the perfect pair. When you need prescription sunglasses in the Orlando area, contact Dr. Anderson at Advanced Optical to schedule an appointment.

Choosing the Frames

The frames that you choose need to help balance your face. Just like eyeglasses, they will have a lot to do with the way your face is perceived. Using them to balance out your key features will help your face look more harmonious and balanced. If you have a wide or angular chin, wearing wide sunglasses will help to create a balance between the two halves of your face. If you have a large forehead, narrow frames can help create balance. Take time to see how different shapes work with your face before choosing the perfect pair.

Choosing the Tint

The other main aspect of choosing prescription sunglasses is the degree and color of the tint of the lenses. When you look at the many sample sunglasses that are on display, you will notice that not all of them have the same color of tint. Some have more yellow in them, some brown, and some gray or pink. Be sure that you try on a few different pairs and look at how dark they are and what color everything looks before making your decision on the perfect pair.

Get Your Prescription Sunglasses in Orlando, FL

If you live in or around Orlando and are considering prescription sunglasses, contact our optometrist at Advanced Optical. Dr. Anderson will perform a thorough eye exam to ensure you get the right prescription lenses to improve your vision and keep your eyes safe in the sun. Call our team today at (407) 296-2020 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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