For those who need vision correction, there are many options for how they can get it. Most people are good candidates for both contact lenses and eyeglasses. At Advanced Optical in Orlando, FL, our optometrist can help you determine which form of eyewear is best for you and your lifestyle. Our goal is to ensure that your vision is at its best.

Wearing Eyeglasses

Some people like wearing glasses simply because they have worn them for a long time and have gotten used to them. Glasses can be a great choice when you want to be able to put them on and take them off easily, and be able to do it anywhere. With no solutions or cases needed, you can wear your glasses to bed and take them off as you’re falling asleep. They are great to wear while traveling for this reason. Many people also wear eyeglasses because they don’t want to have to touch their eyes.

Wearing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses is a good option for those who don’t want to see a frame in their vision and want good peripheral vision. Contact lenses allow you to see better across your entire field of view. They are also good for people who don’t want to think about them all day. They don’t need to be removed and cleaned throughout the day as eyeglasses often do. Contacts are also a good choice for those who have active lifestyles. If you work out or play sports, glasses can come off with vigorous activity. They can also fog up when it’s hot. Contact lenses won’t do either, staying in place perfectly all day long.

Visit Our Optometrist in Orlando, FL for Eyeglasses or Contacts

Whether you choose eyeglasses or contact lenses often has to do with what your everyday lifestyle is like. In some cases, as with active lifestyles, contact lenses may be best. For traveling a lot, eyeglasses may be best. Before you decide, you need an eye exam with our optometrist at Advanced Optical in Orlando, FL. We can then help you choose between glasses and contacts. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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