Most people spend some time each day looking at digital screens. When you use a mobile device, work on a computer, or watch TV, it’s easy to accumulate screen time throughout the day. This will affect your vision and can lead to what is known as computer vision syndrome. If you believe that your screen time has affected your vision, make an appointment with our optometrist. At Advanced Optical, we have been providing Orlando residents with computer vision treatment for many years. Read on to learn more about the signs of computer vision.

Red or Dry Eyes

Computer vision syndrome is so named because it is caused by a lot of screen time. If you have this condition, you may see that your eyes are red or you may suffer from dry eye. Dry eye is an uncomfortable condition that occurs due to not blinking enough when looking at screens. Blink frequently and take regular breaks where you focus on a distant object to avoid these symptoms.

Eye Fatigue and Strain

Looking at screens causes your eyes to feel tired and strained. This is often caused by the brightness of the screen. A bright screen emits a lot of blue light, which negatively impacts your vision. Turning down the brightness can help with this symptom. Taking breaks to focus on a distant object will also help you avoid eye fatigue and strain.


Staring too intently at screens can cause headaches. Poor posture when working on your computer or using your phone can also contribute to headaches. If you have computer vision syndrome, you may have headaches as well as pain in your back, shoulders, and neck. Increasing your font size and turning down the brightness is helpful for these aches and pains. Our optometrist will also help you improve your workplace ergonomics so you can avoid placing excessive strain on your body.

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