It may feel daunting to admit that your child is experiencing vision problems. There are many reasons why a child may need to see an optometrist. Dr. Anderson at Advanced Optical in Orlando wants to help you recognize the signs to look for in your child. Pediatric eye care is worth looking into if your child displays any of these symptoms:

Squinting – This is a sure way to tell that your child is experiencing vision problems. Squinting allows people to see something more clearly, either far away or nearby.

Headaches – If your child is squinting for long periods, he or she may experience headaches. Headaches also occur due to the inability to see clearly. Your child will be in a constant state of focus throughout the day and may experience frequent headaches.

Covering One Eye – If you notice your child is covering one eye to see something clearly, he or she may be experiencing astigmatism. Astigmatism is an issue with the curvature of the eye and causes blurry vision.

Clumsy – Children are always running around and may break things once in a while. However, it is not customary to constantly walk into stationary objects around the home. If your child is repeatedly hitting a particular object, he or she may not perceive the surroundings properly.

If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to contact our eye doctor in Orlando to schedule an eye exam. Glasses or contact lenses can provide the vision correction that your child needs to see clearly.

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