If you are tired of relying on eyeglasses to see correctly, you should consider getting contact lenses. Contacts give you a more natural appearance. Contact lenses are a great form of corrective eyewear and will improve your vision.

At Advanced Optical in Orlando, FL, we provide contact lenses. If you are thinking about getting contacts, you will need to schedule an appointment with us for a contact lens exam. A contact lens exam isn’t the same as an eye exam. During your eye exam, our doctor will check the health of your eyes. A contact lens exam is all about fitting and prescribing contacts.

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Determining Your Contact Lens Prescription

During your contact lens exam, our optometrist will test your eyes to determine your contact lens prescription. Since your eyeglass lenses are a couple of inches away from your eyes and contacts sit directly on the cornea, the two prescriptions are different. We will determine your prescription by placing different lenses in front of you and seeing how your eyes focus.

Types of Contact Lenses

After finding your prescription, our optometrist will need to know a bit about your lifestyle to determine which types of contacts will be the most convenient for you. Your contact lens options include:

  • Daily disposable contacts
  • Weekly contacts
  • Bi-weekly contacts
  • Monthly contacts

Extended wear contacts, which can be worn for 30 days without needing to remove them.

Applying Contact Lenses

Our optometrist will give you a pair of trial lenses to wear for a week or two. This will give you a chance to see if they fit comfortably and that you can see clearly with the contacts.

Before wearing your lenses, our eye doctors will teach you to insert the contacts and to remove them. They will also teach you to care for and clean your contacts.

Follow-Up Appointment

Before you leave the office, you will schedule your follow-up visit. During this appointment, our eye doctor will check your contacts and your vision while you are wearing them. If any adjustments can be made, our optometrist can make them during the follow-up. If the trial pair of lenses are working well and are comfortable, you can order your supply before you leave.

Yearly Contact Lens Exams

You will need a contact lens exam every year, which can be performed during your annual eye exam. If your vision changes throughout the year, our optometrist will need to change your prescription for contacts.