When it comes to getting top-notch eye care for your family, it is vital to choose an experienced family eye doctor. At Advanced Optical in Orlando, FL, our optometry team has been providing high-quality eye care for residents and their children in Orlando and surrounding areas for decades.

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Types of Eye Care We Offer

Advanced Optical provides a plethora of eye care services, ranging from routine exams to eye disease treatments. We provide vision screening, contact lens care, family eye care, and more.

We also know how important and how unique each type of care is for people of all ages, ranging from an infant to elders. In fact, children should get their first eye exam at six months of age.

What’s Included During an Eye Care Visit?

When you bring your child in for an eye care visit, you can expect nothing but the best possible service at our facility. Our family eye doctor will work with your child so the experience is not scary. You can expect your child to have the following done during his or her exam:

  • History review of the patient
  • A series of eye and vision tests
  • Eye focusing and movement assessments
  • Eye health evaluation
  • Possible discussions about additional testing for an eye condition or disease

Our pediatric eye doctor’s exams consist of tests for binocularity, color vision, refractive errors, and the overall health of your child’s eyes. The tests include reading letters at various distances, following an object with the eyes, a retinoscopy, and more. It is critical to ensure that your child gets eye exams at a young age. This way, we can detect any eye health problems or refractive errors and provide corrective eyewear, if necessary. Diagnosing problems early goes a long way in eliminating further eye health and vision issues.

For older patients, our family eye doctor will perform other tests for diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more.